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The nightmare isn’t over. Plunge into the dead space aboard ESS Meridian again! Darkness envelopes you. Will you be dead by daylight?
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Jul 22, 2022
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Dead Effect 2 MOD APK is the best action game on Android. Full of nightmare objects and dangerous enemies appear with darkness. The wildly chaotic world added to the game. So it would help if you transformed yourself become a heroic warrior.

There are many weapons available with different abilities. Use the weapons without fear to attack enemies. Not easier to win all enemies. Use the tactical skills to start the attack and defeat the enemies from the darkness. After defeating enemies one by one, you need to move the end of the dark place.

Inbetween moving time, many powerful monsters face enemies that will appear with weapons. Use your handy weapon to start attack and defeat. Now earth has been controlled by opponents. Let start the mission to rescue the dangerous people.

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The nightmare isn’t over. Plunge into the dead space aboard ESS Meridian again! Darkness envelopes you. Will you be dead by daylight?
Looking to push the boundaries of mobile gaming to another level, Dead Effect 2 is a console-quality action sci-fi shooter with RPG elements.
Challenge yourself in of its enticing storyline, with tons of upgradable weapons, gear and high-tech body implants.


• breathtaking graphics using the latest Android & NVIDIA technology
• realistic effects and stunning environments
• narrated by professional voice actors
• atmospheric soundtrack and movie-quality sound effects

• 3 personas = 3 different personalities
• character training and development
• unique system of 100+ upgradable body implants and gear sets
• 40+ upgradable weapons

• 20+ hours of campaign gameplay and 10+ hours of special missions
• elaborate system of achievements
• full controller support
• fully customizable on-screen controls

• Portable, TV and tablet
• X1 exclusive features: HDR, Depth of Field, high quality textures, bloom effects ???

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Bug fixes


Unlimited Stamina
Unlimited Power
Unlimited Ammo
Unlimited Credits
Unlimited Crystals
Unlimited Unlock Points
Unlimited Upgrade Points


The developer changed dead Effect 2 MOD APK gameplay with the newly redesigned controls. Usually, all action games are made with the third-person perspective. Most action game lovers love to play the TPP mode. But this game was made the view like First Person Perspective. Of course, its looks like a PC view. Until the end of the game, you need to face the enemies with FPP mode in Android. Also, it will give a new user experience to all users. Game controls are provided with two sides. Left of the screen, the character moving button appears. The right side of the screen attacking bullet icons appear. Various equipment items appear on the right side of the screen

Character upgrade

Up to three new character level upgrades are available in Dead Effect 2 MOD APK. Use the character training mode to increase the character training experience. Develop the character skill and use the exemplary character for any mission. There 100+ unique upgradeable body implements are available in the game. Upgrade the character gear sets, hear looks, body skins, shapes, and more in customize section.


Dead Effect 2 MOD APK comes with the latest NVIDIA graphical support. First time introduced PC graphics in this game with high quality. Realistic graphics will give a new experience in action games. Inside the game, the environment has been made with a sharpening quality. Every object looks very clear. In between the game sounds and timing, animation sounds are made with professional voice artists. When the user listens to the background audio, it’s similar to the action movie sounds. With the HDR effect to see the creatures and textures with high quality. Hats off to the game development team for providing high-quality graphics to action game lovers.

Simple and Easy Control

The controls are very easy as you only have to connect your mobile device to the external controller and you can play this game without any difficulty and the gameplay is so simple and the touch is so intuitive. You will get easily familiar with this game by playing it as the controls and touch are so simple and that touch is also customized by yourself. You can adjust the controls by your own wish.

Amazing RPG Adventure

There are a lot of Amazing RPG Adventures in this game that made the game play more interesting and full of excitement. There are a lot of incredible story lines and a lot of events that makes the games impressive and there are also incredible missions and awesome game play actions that are so stunning and outstanding.

Selection of The Character

You can select the character from the store whichever you want to play with. There are a lot of characters in this game and you can select your favorite character to play with and you can do a lot of battles with that character and this feature makes the game more exciting and enjoyable. You can also see they have amazing abilities that will help them to win the battles.

Encounter The Abilities of The Character By Training

There are a lot of characters in this game which you can select to play with. There are a lot of abilities of these characters that you can learn and practice by doing the training and these training will help you to fight better in the battles. You can also boost their abilities of fighting and develop their amazing powers to fight in the battle.

Use boosters To Win Battle

You can also win and use a lot of boosters to win the battle. These boosters will help you to fight with your enemies and kill your opponents. You can boost the abilities and powers of your characters to kill their enemies and you can also fight with your opponents by boosting the abilities of your character. you can boost the character abilities by spending the coins that you have selected by winning the battles.

A Lot of Weapons to Use

There are a lot of weapons that you can use to fight with your enemies. You can use these weapons against your opponents to fight with them and kill them in the battles. You can buy more weapons from the store by spending the money and these things are so incredible and mark every powerful thing that makes the game environment very powerful and ultimate.

What is Dead Effects 2 Apk?

Dead Effects 2 Apk is an ultimate powerful game that you can play when you are getting bored as its golden features enable its users to play it with a lot of attention and the ultimate graphics make the game more intense, full and amazing. You can power up your characters and can select the character of your own Desire and then play with them. There are a lot of battles in this game that you can enjoy playing and you can also get a lot of awards and prizes by winning this battle.

What is Dead Effects 2 Mod Apk

Dead Effects 2 Mod Apk is a hacked version in which you don’t have to pay extra charges to play this game for free and also you will get all the features and characters unlocked in this game; everything is unlocked by default in this modified version.

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