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Welcome to Granny.
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Aug 24, 2023
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Granny Outwitt is a modified version of the popular granny horror movie. This mod is designed to significantly expand the settings of the game and diversify the gameplay, adding unique content and activities that are customized to the personal preferences of each player.

Do you feel that the game is too easy or are you having difficulty passing? The Granny Outwitt mod allows you to fix this shortcoming by adding the ability to choose the optimal difficulty for you. You can also change the gravity, speed, and size of the character. With the Outwitt mod, you can access items that will greatly simplify your passage.

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Granny Outwitt Mod Apk 1.8.1 Latest Version

Welcome to Granny.

Granny keeps you locked in her house.
Now you have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. She hears everything.
If you drop something on the floor, she hears it and comes running.
You can hide in wardrobes or under beds.
You have 5 days.

Good luck!

The game contains advertisements.

Granny Outwitt MOD APK is an updated version of the popular horror movie Granny. This mod aims to significantly expand the gaming environment and diversify the gameplay with unique content and activities tailored to each player’s personal preferences.

Granny Outwitt MOD Apk Features

Scary Gameplay – In Granny Outwitt MOD APK, the player has to run around the house to find things that can help him escape from the scary house within 5 days. In-game items include a hammer for chopping wooden boards, a crossbow for hitting grannies or knocking over large objects, and a shotgun for shooting the benefactor. Currently, the house has 5 floors, 2 attics, and a garage.

The player can escape from the grandmother by clearing all the obstacles in front of the door. Alternatively, you can repair and use the car in the garage. However, the repair takes time, as it requires gasoline, spark plugs, an oil pump, engine parts, a car battery, and a wrench.

You should move around the house calmly, making sure that nothing steps on the floor and makes noise. The old woman can hear everything, even the slightest sound. If he hears the slightest sound, he won’t hesitate to pounce and kill you immediately. With the scary yet realistic feel of this game, you will enjoy the best gameplay found in some horror games. What are you waiting for? Get this game now and defeat the evil benefactor.

Stunning Graphics – The developers of this game have taken care to create realistic graphics that make the most of the game environment. Doors, windows, and all the furniture in the game are incredibly realistic. The graphics used here will immerse you in a dark real world full of spooky objects and environments. The 3D graphics are also realistic representations of real characters including Grandma, Teddy, Slendrina, Slendrina’s mother, Spider, and more.

Immortality: The latest version of Granny Outwitt’s game will make you immortal. If you make noise, Nani will run after you and hit you. However, this new version makes it easier for you to defeat Granny without dying. This will make it much easier to get out of the haunted house without getting caught or killed!

Unlimited Days – In this game, you have only 5 game days to complete the mission to escape from a stranger’s house. If you don’t survive these 5 days, Grandma will find you in your hiding place and kill you. The best thing about the latest version is that you have more days to play against the dreaded benefactor before he runs away.

Ad-free experience: The developer is generous enough to offer an ad-free version of the game. The game is free to play without annoying ads interrupting the game.

Granny Outwitt MOD APK Highlights

Simple game

The game features light and simple gameplay, so any beginner or horror game lover can easily play it. Only two characters live in the house, you and your grandmother. There are many puzzles in different modes; You have to solve them to progress in the game and save yourself from Granny. If you make unnecessary noise or fall down, Grandma will come to you and hit you. Now there is no need to run away from home.

Terrible sound effects

Sound effects add more fun and excitement to each game and players can better enjoy the game without getting bored. The sound effects of this horror game are so realistic that it feels like living in a real haunted house. Many horror movies have sound effects like this, but now you can enjoy them on your phone by playing this game for free. You can also turn off the sound effects if you’re scared.

Visual effects

The game features three-dimensional graphics that allow you to make the most of every aspect. The game has many beautiful carpets, walls, and furniture. You won’t see graphics like this in any other game because they give you the feeling of a house and not a cartoon house. When you change the game mode, you also change the game graphics.

Control mechanism

The game control system is so easy to understand that you can easily navigate the tracks and use your brain to solve the puzzles. It is better if you have your own skills and tricks to advance in the game and get out of the house safely. Focus on the game to become a winner.

Unlimited days of stay

If users play the official version, they only have 5 days to leave home. Otherwise Granny will kill her. In the mod version, users will enjoy this amazing feature that gives them unlimited days to leave home without fear of grandma.

Hacking speed

This is the best way to trick Grandma and leave the house. Granny Outwitt MOD APK will try her best to catch and kill you, but you can use the speed hack to make yourself faster than Granny. When Grandma comes towards you, you can overtake Grandma and get out of the house quickly and safely.

Another way

The game has four different types of modes to play and enjoy. Each mode is different from each other. Users can play this game in easy, hard, and extreme modes. If you are new and new to the game, you can choose practice mode to master the game. In practice mode, there is no fear of grandma because grandma won’t come to you. So you can play it as long as you want.

Mod Menu

Granny Outwitt Mod is a version where you will get mod menu. With mod menu, you can easily hide from granny. Enable God mode and solve puzzles without any fear because granny cannot kill you if this mod is enabled. All items are unlocked in the game and you can play it offline as well. You do not need a rooted device in order to use this mod version. It is completely free and secure.

Speed Hack and More

You can use speed hack in this mod version. The speed of your character will be greater than granny and can easily escape from house. You can disable ads using the mod menu. There are lots of amazing mod features available in mod menu. Complete puzzles and find the locations of keys to complete riddles.

Download Granny Outwitt Mod Menu APK – Unlimited Days

If you want to enjoy playing a scary horror game with exciting gameplay, download the Granny Outwitt Mod APK. Get unlimited game days to play and escape the evil granny.

What is Granny Outwitt Apk?

Granny Outwitt is a classic game that you can play alone to get fear and terror. The gameplay will scare the living daylights out of you with its excellent graphics, realistic horror atmosphere, and sound effects! Completely thrilling, you will enjoy every second of playing this game if you are brave enough to try out all three difficulty levels. Extreme’s last difficulty level is full of terror and excitement, as you never know when something else might attack your character. This game has simple controls for moving around without any problems as well.

What is Granny Outwitt Mod Apk?

It is the mod version of the Granny Outwitt APK, where you have a mod menu in-game to do many tweaked actions that are not usually available in the original game. For example, you can play hide and seek from Granny and solve puzzles to escape the house. You can use different infinite stuff at any level with the mod menu. No one can hurt you in the game, and you can fly, speed hack, and reduce gravity if needed to complete riddles and dodge Granny.

What's new

* Fixed some bugs


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