Mobile Bus Simulator MOD APK v (Unlimited Money)

Transport passengers from a city to another city terminal through amazing places and landscapes.
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Aug 24, 2023
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Simulation games are phenomenally trending because these games are very peaceful and calming to play. A lot of people like to play simulation games because these games provide peace of mind and take the player from a stressful life to a very exciting and thrilling life. These games are mostly related to managerial activities and have some particular categories like gardening, cooking, driving, etc.

Mobile Bus Simulator MOD APK 1.0.5 (Unlimited Money)

Transport passengers from a city to another city terminal through amazing places and landscapes.
Follow traffic rules, transport passengers, telolet for children, and don’t be afraid to travel farther because you will earn more money.
Customize your bus with varieties of liveries, horns, telolets, bumpers, velgs, and many more!
Make your bus the center of attention by installing a STROBE Light!
Realistic places, Detailed bus vehicles, and wonderful interiors will make you feel like driving a real bus!
Get a Mobile Bus Simulator now!

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– Realistic Maps
– Detailed Buses (super high-decker, double-decker, and more to come.)
– Bus STROBE Lights
– Realistic Bus driving experience
– Bus customization with varieties of liveries, horns, telolets, bumpers, and velgs to choose from.
– Open/Close door button
– Animated people entering/exiting the bus
– Weather conditions (sunny and rain full of thunder) and day night cycle
– Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilt controls
– Various camera angles (cabin cam, outer cam, free moving cam)
– Detailed bus interiors
– Intelligent AI and Traffic System
– Tons of AI vehicles variations (sedan, buses, Tahu Bulat, truck cabe / Stut Jack, box, police car, oil tank truck, and many more.)
– Realistic traffic rules
– Realistic bus sound effects
– Realistic bus horn and TELOLET sound effects
– Achievements and Leaderboards
– Challenge your friends with online rankings


– Choose the appropriate graphics settings with your phone’s ability to play the game smoothly.
– Choose how to control your bus for easy driving on the settings menu.
– Turn on the light at the night so you can avoid accidents.
– When your bus ran out of gas, you can buy gas on offer or at the nearest gas station.
– If you follow traffic rules, transport many passengers, telolet for the children, and travel far during the game, you will earn more more money.

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Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk Features

Driving Buses

In Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk you have to drive buses which is a totally unusual experience for a lot of people as driving buses is a very rare thing and many of the people are unaware of the experience. So if you play this game you can easily get the experience of driving a bus without actually driving it in real life.

3D Realistic Graphics

Mobile Bus Simulator Mod APK has three-dimensional realistic graphics that will make you feel as if you’re actually driving the bus and the whole experience will become very much fun and interactive. So dive in the very realistic graphics of this very powerful game, in which you will also explore the beautiful detailing of buses and landscapes.

Very Easy Controls

Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk has very easy controls which means that you do not need to look for the controls while facing difficulties. But instead, everything is rightly displayed on your mobile screen and you can control your buses very easily from the instruments visible on your screen.

So Many Missions

In Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk there are so many missions that you will be very much engaged in completing all these missions while continuing your game. Each level has different sets of missions and the difficulty level also increases with the increasing level. The increasing number of missions are the real motivation for the players to continue playing in the game.

Customization of Buses

In Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk you can customize your buses in the way you want which means that you can change the color and overall outlook of the bus very conveniently. You can also upgrade your buses very easily by taking them to the garage.

Many Rules and Traffic

In Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk there are many set rules which you have to follow while driving the bus. You have to make sure that you do not break any rule and get saved from getting any penalties. There is also massive traffic from which you have to get through and make your way. You have to try the bus in a very realistic environment where there are rules and traffic.

Driving Between Cities

In Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk you have to drive between various cities because you will be connecting the passengers from one city to another and that is actually your service of driving the bus.

Transporting Passengers to Their Desired Destinations

Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk is unique gameplay in which you have to transport the passengers to their desired destinations and make sure that their journey is sound and safe. You have to try very nicely in order to accommodate passengers and drop them off in the appropriate locations.

Buying Buses and Garage Expansion

In Mobile Bus Simulator Mod Apk you can also buy new buses and can expand your garage. In this way, you can upgrade your game and make it more attractive. But for this you have to make lots of money while you continue playing the game. Most of the money comes from completing missions and you can also earn more money by driving the bus.

Unlimited Money

Mobile Bus Simulator Mod gives you unlimited money in the game which you can use to buy anything for free. With endless money in the game, you can buy anything for free of cost. Buy all buses and customize them using infinite money. Upgrade your buses and enhance their performance.

No Ads

In this mod version, all ads are completely removed so that you can easily enjoy gameplay without viewing any annoying ad. All ads are removed and you do not need to watch ads while driving the bus. You can complete missions and daily tasks to earn more money.

What is Mobile Bus Simulator APK?

Mobile Bus Simulator is one of the best and most realistic bus simulation games on the Android platform. It has amazing 3D graphics with dynamic visual effects. You can transport goods and passengers from one city to another city. It has a huge map where you can drive your favorite bus. You can earn money by taking passengers to their destinations. You can customize your buses and upgrade them as well.

What is Mobile Bus Simulator Mod APK?

Mobile Bus Simulator Mod is a hacked version of this awesome bus simulation game. You can purchase anything in the game without paying anything. Enjoy unlimited gems and money in the game for free. All buses are completely unlocked in the game. You can easily customize your buses and upgrade them for free. There is no single ad in the game. All premium features are fully unlocked.


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