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Varies with device
Record or Open your clip, edit it right on spot and share it with your friends in no time!
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Daniel Korgel
Oct 23, 2023
Varies with device
Varies with device
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Do you want to upgrade your videography skills and editing skills? If yes, then here’s an app that has great features that will help you to upgrade your skills. Smooth Action Cam is an application that is getting popular on the internet because already millions of people are using this great app to make awesome content. That’s why Smooth Action Cam has good ratings and reviews.

Smooth action cam provides multiple features which you will never have in your built-in camera application. With the help of this camera app you can make beautiful videos and the best thing is that you don’t have to go anywhere to edit your video because this application also provides you with complete editing tools for your videos.

This camera app is well optimized which is why it runs very smoothly on all smart devices without lagging issues. If your device has low storage, then don’t worry because this app is lightweight so you can easily download and install this app on your mobile. Features and qualities are pretty amazing for a smooth action cam so let’s have a look.

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Smooth Action Cam MOD APK SlowMo for Android Download

Record or Open your clip, edit it right on the spot, and share it with your friends in no time!

Unlike other apps, Smooth Action-Cam Slowmo works with your raw high FPS footage without converting it down to 30 FPS beforehand. If you want to go extra slow, this app calculates additional frames using Motion Interpolation or Frame Blending! This method can offer very smooth slow-motion clips without any stutter or “lag”!
This App supports 30, 60, 120, 240, or more FPS videos recorded with for example GoPro, Sony Actioncam, Rollei Actioncams, other Action Cams, Dji Drones, other Drones or your Smartphone! (or literally every other camera)

Smooth Action-Cam Slowmo allows you to easily:
– Cut, Delete and Trim
– Slow Down (slow motion) parts or for your video or the whole clip
– Calculate additional video frames if needed, for ultra-smooth videos!
– Speed Up (time-lapse) parts for your video or the whole clip
– Add Slow Motion Sound Effects
– Add Fisheye Image Effect to your smartphone footage
– Export your clip in full resolution
– Export in lower or higher resolution or fps

Slow down your clip down to 1/8 of the original playback speed, or speed it up to 200%!
This is not just another App that lets you add Filters to your video!

This app is designed for Action-Cam, Drone, and Smartphone users who travel a lot, who can’t wait to get home to edit their footage, or who are simply looking for a fast and easy solution to create ultra-slow motion videos without learning how to use complex video editing software.

Smooth Action Cam MOD APK Features

Record HD Videos

Smooth Action Cam is a great camera app that lets you record HD videos. It has a built-in camera which has some great and extra features. You can professionally adjust the settings to make your recordings pro. You can freely record videos with this app without any kind of limitation or restriction. You just need a larger storage amount in your device other than that you can record for as long as you want.

Record Videos

Smooth action cam provides a unique feature where you can use this application to record videos because this app has unique camera effects that you can use according to your video requirements. There are no time limitations on recording videos which means you are free to record as much as you want because all you need is good mobile space storage to save your videos.

Slow Motion Videos

This is the main feature of the smooth action cam application because this app has unique slow-motion effects that you can use in your videos. This camera app is very simple to use because the user interface is very easy to understand which means you can easily record slow-motion videos with just one click. You can also select frames per second because it provides multiple settings for videos.

Video Editing Tools

This smooth action cam is also a video editor because it has many amazing tools that can help you edit your videos according to your choice. This application provides light adjustment, color grading, crop, trim, cut and many other unique tools which can transform your videos. That means you don’t have to open another application to edit video because Smooth Action Cam is all in one app. All you need is creative ideas to edit your video for your social media profiles.

High Quality

This application never disappoints their users because the developers of Smooth Action Cam have made this app so good. You will get high-quality videos from this application because this application is very optimized that’s why it provides the best result every single time. You will get multiple video resolution options which you can choose to get the best quality after recording video. So you will never get bad results from this camera application because it provides everything great.

Simple User Interface

Smooth action cam has a simple user interface that’s why you will never face issues using this application because there will be no complications in it. Anyone can easily use this application because it is also provides guide tours to new users so after a little practice you can become a pro user of this camera application.

Multiple Effects

This app has many different camera effects that you can use in this application while recording your videos. Smooth action cam has a fisheye effect that can be used in videos or pictures while using the camera. All features and options of this camera app work great which is why everything is very responsive in this application. Use these different camera effects and impress your friends with your great videos.

Perfect Functioning

This app provides absolutely perfect functioning which you could have never found somewhere else. It works perfectly fine and is best for professional usage.

Smooth Action Cam MOD APK Ads Free

The standard version of the smooth action cam has ads that will disturb you while using this app. But in the mod version, you will never get irritated because this version never contains ads so that’s why there will be no popups and video ads in it. This feature will be completely free because the mod version is providing everything for free. If you also want a smooth action cam without ads, then go with the mod app.

Free to Download

Smooth action cam mod apk is 100% free to download which is why there are so many people who always look for this version when it comes to this camera application. You will get the entire application fully unlocked and you don’t have to pay for the premium features of this application. Download this app in a mod version for free.

Anti-Ban Feature

There are many mod applications that are banned with the time but Smooth Action Cam has this great feature where this application will never get banned. You can enjoy this application without any problem because this mod version of Smooth Action Cam will never be banned.

Download Smooth Action Cam Mod APK – Without watermark

Want to get a super slow-motion effect on your videos? Download and use Smooth Action Cam to easily achieve it.

What's new

New in 1.6.8: Improved stability and device support & Fix for Android 13
From: 1.6.7: New Settings Screen as well as bug & stability fixes!
THANK YOU! The amount of support you sent me over the past years is overwhelming ❤️
This is the long awaited, huge stability update, with better support for a larger range of devices & formats



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