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Oct 03, 2023
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If the word Tekken brings back a lot of memories in your mind, then, you are not alone. All of us for once have played Tekken in their childhood be it in the play areas, on your brother’s computer of your mother’s tablet. All of us have the experience of playing Tekken.

It is one of the most nostalgic game for the people of late 90’s. There are so many versions of Tekken, some of us have played all of them and some of them have played only 1 version. All the addictive gamers are fully aware of this game.

About Tekken MOD APK

Tekken Mod Apk is full of action and fighting game. This is one of those very few games which gives you a chance to select fighters from a wide range. You will be given different fighters along with their abilities on your screen and you have to select one of them.

There are also different events in the game. As different events come, you can also see new characters and updates in this game. You will get all those homesick feels after playing this game particularly in this era, when there are so many games available in the market.

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Brings back your childhood:

No matter which version of this game you are playing, the late 90’s people will surely feel a childhood connection with this game. This game is one of those very rare games for the 90’s people that takes them back in their childhood.

Storage requirements:

The best part about this game is that if you want to revive your childhood and you want to play this game, but you are low on storage then you should not be worried about it as this game takes very small amount of your storage.

Convenient to play:

If you can easily play this game back in your childhood when you were only 8 or 10. Then, you can surely play this game now too. It’s extremely convenient to use and every other person can play this. Even the new kids of this era can also play this game.

Too simple game:

This game is very simple so it might not be so much adventurous and full of action for the new era kids.

Huge range of characters:

You have a range of more than 100 characters in this game. You can play with each of the characters and broaden your horizon of Tekken series.

Play this game on your mobile:

The 90’s kid will surely remember that they could not play this game on the mobile phones back in the days. But now you have the privilege to play this game on your mobile phones. The franchise of Tekken has announced that now all the gamers can play this game even on your mobile.

Different fighting modes:

You also have the chance to select your own preferred fighting mode in this game.

Different moves:

Win as many missions and fights as you could and get a chance to unlock different moves for your character.


You will have different events in this game and along with different events there will be latest updates.

Fight with the popular historical fighters:

Get a chance to play with the world’s most famous and renowned fighters in the history.

Story version:

The story version of this game is another updated feature. In this mode or version of the game, you have to win battles consecutively.

One day, one fight:

You also can play day to day challenges which only last for 24 hours. You can only get access to these games for a fixed amount of time.

Unfasten new fighters:

Unfasten new fighters and weapons by winning different missions in Tekken.

New products for customization:

As the game adavances, you will be provided with different products to customize your characters and your overall experience of the game.

Tekken MOD APK Download

If you want uninterrupted, action-packed, and competitive gameplay, you should download the Tekken MOD APK OBB file. Upon installation, you will enjoy these features:

  • Tekken MOD APK Unlimited Money. This version of the game gives you an unlimited amount of in-game currency. You can use this currency to purchase upgrades, new equipment, and other items.
  • Tekken MOD APK All Characters Unlocked. In this version of the game, all of the Tekken characters will be unlocked from the start. You can select any fighter that you want and take them into battle.
  • No Ads. This Tekken MOD APK 2023 does not have any ads. This way, you can build your team and participate in battles without distractions.
  • Tekken MOD APK Offline. This MOD lets you play the game offline. You will not need an internet connection to enjoy the game. However, you will not access the online multiplayer game option.


Tekken is an exciting and competitive mobile game. It has many different features that make it stand out from other games in the genre.

You can expect regular updates, intuitive controls, and beautiful graphics. With the Tekken MOD APK for Android, you will access unlimited resources and all of the game’s content.

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