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VMOS is a versatile virtual machine (VMware) platform application.
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Aug 4, 2023
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You can easily switch between your original operating systems and virtual operating systems by using only one button. This app can be best for gamers, if they are playing any game in the virtual system and they initially shifted to the original system, the game will continue to run in the background and your progress in the game will not be wasted.

As you all get to know that this app will work as the second android operating system on your one device. This app can also be used as a guest account, where you can enjoy your hidden games and apps. In guest mode, you will have access to Google Play Store and other Google apps which is an amazing thing. This app has a very simple and user-friendly UI you can switch between the OS with just one click.

VMOS PRO v2.9.8 MOD APK (Premium, Free Lifetime)

VMOS Pro is a completely free app for everyone. This app has some premium features that you can also use for free by downloading “VMOS Pro Mod Apk”. The team of apkloo.com works very hard to provide 100% safe and genuine Mod Apks that will help you to make some of your day-to-day tasks easier and more enjoyable to do. VMOS Pro Mod Apk Download link is given down below just click on the link, download, and enjoy!

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Device Requirements for  VMOS Pro

As VMOS Pro is a virtual machine app, it requires a very powerful device to run properly. This app is not recommended for those who have old and outdated Android devices.

The two most recommended Android phone system requirements are

  • Your mobile device must have a minimum of 32GB of internal storage.
  • Your device must also have at least 3GB e off Ram.

VMOS is a versatile virtual machine (VMware) platform application.
It is not just a virtual machine simulator application, but also a ROM platform that can support users in DIYing their own ROMs. VMOS is also your secure companion, like a privacy safe that can meet your file and photo encryption needs. The virtual machines downloaded in VMOS can allow mobile enthusiasts to have a better gaming experience without worrying about latency, and it provides better local cloud mobile phone experience than cloud phones.

Even phones without features such as parallel space or ultra privacy space can achieve multiple openings in our application, achieving true game multi-openings, and even screen off and hanging up. It supports floating windows for any application, and multiple applications can operate on the same screen. It is a version of coexistence with the real machine. It can also achieve resource cloning through the file transfer station, eliminating the need for tedious repetitive installations.

The features of VMOS include:

【Security Protection】An independent virtual mobile phone system that can meet the needs of development and testing without worrying about the risk of viruses and system crashes.
【Everything Floating Window】Supports floating windows for any application, and multiple applications can operate on the same screen.
【Application Dual-opening】Game dual-opening, application dual-opening, play games while watching live broadcasts or chatting, smoother than cloud phones, and work and life are not mutually exclusive.
【Convenient Operation】With the function of a floating ball, the operation and switching are simple and convenient.
【Screen Off and Hanging Up】Supports resolution modification and can run in the background when the screen is off.
【File Transfer】The file transfer station supports mutual cloning of real machine and virtual machine application files, eliminating the need for tedious repetitive installations.


VMOS Pro Mod APK is an alternate and ultimate variant of the original application, available here on a website. See, you can download it from the given below link to experience enhanced features and at most security and fulfillment of your curiosity why downloading anything any cookies on your device. We have unlocked the premium version of this application for the users without any cost as we know this version is paid one, and we have provided hair to the users for free, which means your money is safe. You don’t need to spend a penny from your pocket at any point in time. All the elements are in head to their capability and potential you can explore more and more in the came version. This application version is integrated with the ads blocking Policy under which all advertisement gets blocked and removed from the app Play. This version doesn’t require any routing while installing it, and that’s why it offers the anti Ban and antivirus properties in the application. No lagging and fixed bugs make it even more secure.

Astonishing Features to enjoy

VMOS Pro Mod APK offers a lot of features and persons to support its virtual operating system, and so we have discussed below some of the most enhanced features and functions that help you;

Prevention from loss of data

VMOS Pro Mod APK offers the users the utmost security and prevention of their data like images, videos, audios, photo pics, personal documents, and other stuff that usually have in our devices from any loss or any hack whatsoever. And this is done by integrating the virtual operating system in your device, so you never need to compromise on the security of your operating system with the help of this virtual system.

Create a virtual operating system

This VMOS Pro Mod APK application creates a virtual operating system in your smartphone device, which usually helps in downloading any of the content of cookies from any source without bothering yourself with any damage or risk because it is a virtual system that can prevent you if anything happens you can just uninstall it. Your device is safe. There is no effect or loss of data in your operating system, which is original.

Root without bothering

You can use the VMOS Pro Mod APK application without any burning because it helps you root any strange applications that are peculiar gameplay. You can download the trial version of the applications, route the device to yours, and even download the modified app. Even the band application. No matter what you do with your operating system, there will be no risk levels because Windows routing means opening the priority access to someone else. It’s always others, and that’s why this virtual operating system takes up all the rays which make your original operating system very secure and safe.

Customize and similarities

This new and virtual operating system in the VMOS Pro Mod APK is very similar. It works in the same fashion as the original operating system, which means you can easily manipulate Experience At just and customize things to your variable. Choices without any limitation because this virtual operating system is the same as the original system. Still, it’s in your hand that you can install it anytime to prevent any efforts or loss of data from your device’s original operating system.

Pop-ups windows

Its virtual operating system comes in the form of a popup window in your device, which means you can quickly get access and Switch between each one of them at any point in time just by clicking on it. It will itself make it in the zoom format for you to explore things as we do it with the realistic operating system that means you will have to parallel axis of the world are Windows in your device to experience different item at a different world?

What is VMOS Apk?

VMOS apk is normal download APP on your device. You can download it to create a virtual machine operating system which can be completely isolated with the default android operating software. It is used to boost up your any application runtime performance. These performance parameters are very important. This app just reads data of your local operating software and error logs to improve quality.

What is VMOS Mod Apk?

VMOS mod apk is available for free. It has its premium functions available for free. You can download the full fledged package of this virtual operating software which can be ran freely and isolated in an independent system. VMOS is not cloud based rather it runs completely on Local storage and runtime performance. So it’s mod apk version is compatible with all android devices and optimised for lower ones.

What's new

- 解决了一些已知问题;
- 提升了稳定性和性能,持续优化用户体验。


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