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🔷Milestone 1🔷 10,000 registrations ➡️ 250 Gems!
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Jun 8, 2020
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Beast Quest MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Potions/Enemy 0 Deal Damage) is an action role-playing game developed by Studio 100 Animation and published by Maximum Games. The game was released in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Beast Quest is based on the novel series of the same name by author Adam Blade, where players will play the role of the main character Tom, and go on an adventure to save the kingdom of Avantia from evil forces. Players will confront mystical creatures and monsters in the game, search for items and upgrade skills to become the most powerful warrior.

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Download Beast Quest (MOD, golds/coins/potions)

🔷Milestone 1🔷 10,000 registrations ➡️ 250 Gems!
🔶Milestone 2🔶 20,000 registrations ➡️ 30 Battle Tickets!
🔷Milestone 3🔷 30,000 registrations ➡️ Epic Sam!

To all Beast Quest and Tower Defense fans, we are proud to present the exciting Tower Defense x Action Fantasy game – Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes. Based on the best-selling fantasy and adventure book series, this is the Tower Defense game that you cannot miss!

Adam Blade’s Beast Quest series (selling over 20 million books) follows Tom on his quest to free the Beasts of Avantia. The evil wizard Malvel has enchanted the magical Beasts of Avantia – join Tom, Elenna, Storm, and Silver as they battle to free the Beasts and defeat the evil wizard. With fully customizable heroes and a wide range of collectible characters and Beasts, get ready to defend the kingdom of Avantia.

Only a true hero can free the Beasts and stop them from destroying the land. Are you the hero Avantia has been waiting for?

Game Features:

★ The first ever Beast Quest TD game – it’s epic, fun, and FREE to play!

★ Gather your FAVOURITE CHARACTERS, fortify your Towers, collect your Heroes, and defend Avantia!

★ Experience the world of Beast Quest with stunning HIGH DEFINITION 3D GRAPHICS!

★ Test your skills and tactics with other 13+ TOWERS to defend with different rarity and powers

★ Command 8+ of the GREATEST HEROES of Avantia!

★ Defend your towers against MALVEL and his well-trained horde of enemies of goblin kings, skeletons and more

★Customise your HERO with over 20 EQUIPMENT items to improve strength and defense

★ 70+ CHALLENGING MAPS with different routes and themes of varying difficulty!

★ Enter ENDLESS MODE to compete against other players on the in-game leader board and see who can get the most kills and survive the longest!

★ UPGRADE your TOWERS and HEROES by entering the DAILY DUNGEON

More about Beast Quest at

An epic journey through the vast open world

In Beast Quest, players will explore a significant, challenging open world. The player’s epic journey will lead them to various locations across the kingdom of Avantia, from dense forests to deep caves and arid deserts.

During the journey, the player will face various monsters and mystical creatures, from ferocious wolves to giant dragons. To defeat them, players will need to use combat skills and tactics, as well as find valuable items and equipment.

Players can find side characters, take on side quests, and uncover the game’s secrets and stories. All of this will help players have a diverse and exciting action role-playing experience in the vast world of Beast Quest.

Collect lost treasures and powerful artifacts

These treasures and artifacts will help players upgrade their character’s skills, equipment, and strength to defeat stronger monsters.

Treasures and artifacts are hidden in different locations on the map; players must explore and find them. Many types of treasures and artifacts exist, including support items, equipment, and skill upgrade items.

In Beast Quest Hack Mod APK, players can also find various hidden items and artifacts, such as fragments of a map or ancient murals, which help them find new areas or memorable matches. All these treasures and artifacts will help players fully experience the epic adventure in Beast Quest.

Level up and grow

Each time players level up, they will be given extra skill points to use for new skills or to improve the character’s existing skills. The skills cover attack, defense, and magic, giving the player many options for fighting and dealing with different monsters.

Besides, players can also search and collect different equipment and items to enhance the character’s strength and combat ability. This equipment and items can be found in treasures, purchased within Beast Quest APK mod currency, or obtained from other quests and activities.

Overall, leveling up and evolving is an integral part of the Beast Quest gaming experience and helps players become strong and capable enough to defeat powerful monsters and explore new areas In the game’s game’s vast world.

Hundreds of challenges

Beast Quest APK 1.0.6 has hundreds of challenges for players to overcome, adding to the game’s difficulty and challenge. Some of the main challenges in the game include:

Confront powerful monsters: Beast Quest’s monsters are designed with different difficulties and strengths, from tiny monsters that are easy to hit to giant monsters that are difficult to defeat.

Complete Missions: Missions in the game require the player to accomplish specific goals, such as rescuing hostages, finding virtual objects, or fighting some unique monsters.

Explore the game world: Beast Quest has a big world; players will explore and search different areas to collect treasures and confront monsters.

Racing: Players can participate in car races in the game to earn money and prizes.

Racing and Obstacle Challenges: These challenges require players to overcome obstacles and reach the optimal completion time to achieve a high score.

These challenges add richness and variety to the game and also help players develop their skills and improve their gameplay.

Ready to explore the mystical world

With a vast world, terrifying monsters, and hundreds of challenges, Beast Quest hack is a great adventure game for gamers who love RPGs and open worlds. Here, you will experience mystical adventures, collect precious items, and defeat giant monsters to become a great hero. Get ready to explore the world of Beast Quest MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Potions/Enemy 0 Deal Damage) and become a hero in this world!

What is Beast Quest APK?

Beast Quest APK, the game is amazing and the controls are so simple and easy to use you can play with different characters that you want to play with and can also upgrade their special powers and ability to fight. The gameplay story is so versatile and you have to kill all the  Enemies and beasts to protect your land from the opponents who are trying to take control over your land. so you have to play as a hero in this game and protect the land. The user will have to learn the unique gameplay and have to learn all the superpowers that the hero has to kill the beast and the enemies.

What is Beast Quest Mod Apk?

Beast Quest Mod Apk is the hacked version in which you get a lot of unlimited money that is not available in the normal version of this game and this game also has a premium feature that you can play without any interruption of advertisements that make the gameplay so boring.



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