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🔷Milestone 1🔷 10,000 registrations ➡️ 250 Gems!
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Jun 8, 2020
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Beast Quest MOD APK (MOD, golds/coins/potions) – an evil wizard enchanted by magical beasts Avantia – only a true hero can free the animals and stop them from destroying the earth.🔷Milestone 1🔷 10,000 registrations ➡️ 250 Gems!

Beast Quest Mod Apk v1.0.6 Unlimited Money And Gems

🔶Milestone 2🔶 20,000 registrations ➡️ 30 Battle Tickets!
🔷Milestone 3🔷 30,000 registrations ➡️ Epic Sam!

To all Beast Quest and Tower Defense fans, we are proud to present the exciting Tower Defense x Action Fantasy game – Beast Quest Ultimate Heroes. Based on the best-selling fantasy and adventure book series, this is the Tower Defense game that you cannot miss!

Adam Blade’s Beast Quest series (selling over 20 million books) follows Tom on his quest to free the Beasts of Avantia. The evil wizard Malvel has enchanted the magical Beasts of Avantia – join Tom, Elenna, Storm and Silver as they battle to free the Beasts and defeat the evil wizard. With fully customizable heroes and a wide range of collectible characters and Beasts, get ready to defend the kingdom of Avantia.

Only a true hero can free the Beasts and stop them from destroying the land. Are you the hero Avantia has been waiting for?

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Game Features:

★ The first ever Beast Quest TD game – it’s epic, fun, and FREE to play!

★ Gather your FAVOURITE CHARACTERS, fortify your Towers, collect your Heroes, and defend Avantia!

★ Experience the world of Beast Quest with stunning HIGH DEFINITION 3D GRAPHICS!

★ Test your skills and tactics with other 13+ TOWERS to defend with different rarity and powers

★ Command 8+ of the GREATEST HEROES of Avantia!

★ Defend your towers against MALVEL and his well-trained horde of enemies of goblin kings, skeletons, and more

★Customise your HERO with over 20 EQUIPMENT items to improve strength and defense

★ 70+ CHALLENGING MAPS with different routes and themes of varying difficulty!

★ Enter ENDLESS MODE to compete against other players on the in-game leaderboard and see who can get the most kills and survive the longest!

★ UPGRADE your TOWERS and HEROES by entering the DAILY DUNGEON

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Survival games are the best categories of gameplay. As the story of the game is amazing the player would love to play the game that has the best survival story game. There are a lot of Survival games on the internet and it is so difficult to find the most mesmerizing and versatile story gameplay.

Beast Quest Mod Apk is the best survival game and the story of this game is so amazing and full of drama. The story begins in the land of Avantina where the people are living their life with full of peace and happiness. Suddenly the witch casts the bad spells which causes the presence of monsters and many dangerous beasts. So you are playing as a hero in this game and it is the responsibility of the hero to protect their land from these bad evil forces.

The controls of this game are so creative and simple. There are a lot of characters in this game and you can play with your favorite character. There are also a hundred-plus challenges in this game. You have to complete the challenges and earn the rewards.

Beast Quest MOD APK Features

Enjoy Fighting Against the Beasts and Clean Your Land

In Beast Quest Mod Apk you have to beat all the beasts that are on your land. You are playing as a hero in this game because you have to clean your land that is avantina from all the beasts as before the beast’s everyone was living their life happily and full of enjoyment and after the bad witch cast spells because of that spell there were a lot of monsters that make the land for disturbing and as you are the hero in this game so you have to fight against the beast and kill them in order to make your land secure and protect.

A Highly Innovative and Unique Gameplay

In Beast Quest Mod Apk the gameplay is so innovative and full of thrilling story as the story is that the people living in the land of Avantina are living their life so peacefully and happily and after some time the bad witch casts a spell that makes the land to be filled with a lot of dangerous Monsters and beasts. So the hero of this game who is playing this game has to protect the land from these beasts in order to save the land and protect the people living there.

Play and Have Fun with Over a Hundred Challenges

In Beast Quest Pro Mod there are a lot of challenges in this game that are full of excitement and energizing the challenges that come daily, weekly and monthly. There are over 100 + challenges that are so electrifying and amazing.You will have a lot of fun playing the stunning and outstanding challenges. You have to win these amazing hundred-plus challenges to earn a lot of rewards that will help you to upgrade your weapons to which you will be able to kill all the beast and the other enemies that are trying to take control over your land.

Easily Upgrade Your Powers for Massive Damage

In Beast Quest Mod Apk you have to upgrade your powers to kill the beast to protect your land from the massive damage and you will upgrade your powers by earning a lot of points and money from the daily challenges and other challenges. You have to win these challenges in order to upgrade your power and upgrade your weapons for fighting with the beast and the enemies. You can also power the abilities of your hero to make the fighting scenes more interesting.

Collect all the Powerful Weapons for Shooting

In Beast Quest Mod APK you also have to collect the powerful and Ultimate weapons that have to shoot the beats and the enemies that are trying to control your land by collecting these powerful weapons you can use them anytime when you are feeling protected from the beast and the opponents. You can also upgrade these powerful weapons for shooting from the shop.

Three Dimensional Attractive Graphics

In Beast Quest Mod Apk The graphics of this game are so attractive and outstanding. These three-dimensional graphics make the game look so attractive and full of attraction. By playing this game you will get easily absorbed by its three-dimensional attractive and outstanding graphics.

Explore the World and Discover New Things

In Beast Quest Mod Apk, you will explore the world and the land of Avantina. you will explore and encounter the beauty of this land and will also see the devastating situation of this land after the witch casts the bat spell on this land.

3D Graphics

Beast quest is popular all over the world because of its interesting features and best 3D graphics. You can play the game on high resolution and there will be zero effect on your game’s pixels. Your character have 3D motion. Amazing graphics and epic sound effects is one of the main reason behind the beast quest’s success.

Unlocked Premium Features

Now you can play Beast Quest without purchasing subscription packages because we are providing you a link of Beast Quest mod apk. In Beast Quest mod apk every premium features is available for free. Use all the VIP features without spending real cash on the game just by downloading Beast Quest mod apk.

Unlimited Money

Through money you can upgrade your character’s powers and also the power of your equipment but you need a huge amount of money for upgradation. Only mod version of beast quest can fulfil your wish and that’s why in Beast Quest mod apk you can get unlimited money. Try this mod version of beast quest and take advantage by getting never-ending coins.

No More Advertisement

Now you can stop the ads without any subscription but the only thing you have to do is to download beast quest mod apk. Beast quest mod apk offers you to play game without getting pop-up advertisements.

What is Beast Quest APK?

Beast Quest APK, the game is amazing and the controls are so simple and easy to use you can play with different characters that you want to play with and can also upgrade their special powers and ability to fight. The gameplay story is so versatile and you have to kill all the  Enemies and beasts to protect your land from the opponents who are trying to take control over your land. so you have to play as a hero in this game and protect the land. The user will have to learn the unique gameplay and have to learn all the superpowers that the hero has to kill the beast and the enemies.

What is Beast Quest Mod Apk?

Beast Quest Mod Apk is the hacked version in which you get a lot of unlimited money that is not available in the normal version of this game and this game also has a premium feature that you can play without any interruption of advertisements that make the gameplay so boring.



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