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One of the best arcade games of its time Tekken 3 is now available on the Android platform. Its developer Namco did not originally launch the mobile app version. But you can still get it via an APK file and easily play it with an external or built-in phone emulator app.

If you are one of the two or three PlayStation owners who have seen, played, or at least heard of Tekken 3, then it’s your lucky day. There are no more excuses. This is the best fighting game released to date so it is time for you to pry the controller out of your hand and go pick it up. For those of us who have been around since the beginning, Tekken 3 mobile will not disappoint.

This game is so classic. If you want to read more about its history, head over to Wikipedia.

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Tekken 3 MOD APK Gameplay

Selecting the players and entering a match is the same as it was on the PlayStation and has not changed. Veteran players who are playing this game for a long time will be amazed by the smoothness of this game when they play Tekken 3 on an android smartphone.

The controls are left-hand joysticks and right-hand buttons on your mobile screen. Initially, you will have to work out the controllers but after a few tries, you will cruise through combos like playing in a console.

The best thing about Tekken 3 has to be the speed at which the game plays. Every move seems to fly directly from your fingers into the mind of your character and they obey instantaneously. There is little or no lag between the time you make the move and the time that it actually executes. If you don’t have this going, you may as well pack it in because today’s gamer wants that split-second reaction time and split second is what you will get with this game.

Tekken 3 Graphics

Developers have managed to give you arcade-quality graphics with no add-on required. The characters and their movements are all fluid and natural. It was still amazing to just sit back and watch someone else play the game. The characters all reacted realistically. For example, when you hit someone in the side, they hunched over like they were hit in the side. This made Tekken 3 very realistic considering the age and the medium you are playing it on.

So If you have an android device with a ram above 1GB then download this game asap. You may also want to try out the TEKKEN mobile from the original developer Namco.

Features of the Tekken 3 MOD APK

Variety of Characters

The Tekken 3 game contains a lot of different characters and you can play as any of these characters. There are a total of 36 characters in the Tekken series and many new characters have been introduced in the Tekken 3. There are many characters for example Amore King, Gon, hihachi Yoshimitsu, Gun Jack, Dr B, and many other characters. All of these characters have different abilities and different powers to defeat the enemy.


Tekken 3 also contains a mini-game which is named as Tekken ball. In this mini-game you will have to play with the ball, you will have to throw the ball towards your opponent and if the ball touches your opponent or land in the half area of the opponent then he will lose a bar of his life. You will have to try to hit the ball to the opponent as much as you can so that he loses all his life and eventually loses the battle.

Practice the controls

There is also a practice mode in Tekken 3 in which you will be able to practice all the controls of the game and eventually, you will also get to know the different abilities of different characters which will lead you to choose the character which you want to play.

Difficult modes

There are many different modes of this game and one of the most difficult is the survival mode in which you will have to put down all the Enemies that will come in your path with only one life. It is very difficult because all the opponents have many abilities and they will put you down in no time. That’s why you will have to be very careful and defend The Attacks as much as you can.

Practice Mode

The users can also practice before fighting with the real players. In this way the user can become more experienced and knowledgeable regarding the game. The Practice mode will make sure that the user’s chance of getting defeated gets minimal enough.

Lots of Characters

There are lots of characters available in the game. The user can make use of each player and can create a strong and sound position while topping up the leaderboards. This is a very nice and amazing game that provides users an amazing opportunity to play with a vast variety of players.

Offline and Online Game

The users can play this game both online and offline. Even when they are not having internet access, the users can still play this game and feel very much uplifted and can kill their time very joyfully.

Lots of Locations

There are lots of locations available in the application which the users can explore while playing the game.

User Friendly Interface

The interface of the application is very much user-friendly and easy to understand.

Mod Features

No Ads

There are absolutely no advertisements in the Mod version of the application.

Unlocked Game

The Mod version provides an unlocked version of the game.

No Restrictions

There are no restrictions in the Mod version of the application.

History of Tekken 3 Apk

Tekken 3 was published in the arcades genre and for the PlayStation console in 1996. The game’s 19-year-old storyline means that it features a large number of new characters. This includes Jin Kazama (the child of Kazuya & Jun), as well as the iconic characters Ling Xiaoyu & Hwoarang. In total, there are 23 characters. The home version features a mode called Tekken Force, along with the bonus Tekken Ball mode. It also contains remixes of the characters’ themes.


  • Ancient Ogre
  • Anna Williams
  • Bryan Fury
  • Crow
  • Devil/Devil Kazuya
  • Devil Jin
  • Dr. Bosconovitch
  • Eddy Gordo
  • Forest Law
  • Gon
  • Gun Jack
  • Heihachi Mishima
  • Hwoarang
  • Jin Kazama
  • Julia Chang

What is Tekken 3 APK?

Tekken 3 Apk is a very fantastic application that provides users an amazing opportunity to fight and test their combating skills. There are various characters available in the game which the user can choose in order to face the opponent. Each character has distinctive characteristics and abilities, the player has to choose the characters very wisely in order to combat and fight with the opponent.

The game is highly addictive and the users cannot stop playing the game once they start it. The game has millions of players around the globe and this is why it is a very much famous fighting game that almost every person loves to play. The graphics of the game are also very incredible but they need good phones in order to be fully applicable. So the user needs to have a very updated and fast smartphone in order to play this game in an effective manner.

What is Tekken 3 Mod APK?

Tekken 3 Mod Apk is an excellent version of the game which allows the users to access all the premium features for absolutely free. The users do not need to pay any charges in order to access the premium version of the application. The users can simply use the Mod version and enjoy all the premium and paid features for absolutely free.

The game becomes very much interesting because the user can enjoy the most streamlined version of the application for absolutely free. There are no advertisements in the mod version of the application and the user gets saved from any sort of unwanted and annoying advertisements. The mod version of the application is very much famous because of the remarkable advantages.

Is Tekken 3 Apk Available Offline?

Tekken 3 Apk Is absolutely available to be played in the offline version. The users can enjoy playing the game even when they are not having any internet available. In this way the game does not let the users feel bored at any time.

Why is Tekken3 the best?

Tekken 3 is an arcade game that comes close to gameplay perfection. It has fast action and smooth commands. You can even get as close to real fighting as possible. There are no superpowers, unlike many other games of the genre.

Is this  tekken 3 apk download 35 MB?

Yes, it is the Tekken 3 apk download 35 MB File which is tested by our team and working.

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